About Jim . . .

As a native of Denver, Colorado growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, I enjoyed the simpler times of the city, so I didn’t pay particular attention to the Rocky Mountains shouldering the Mile-High city. The only exceptions were the occasional Boy Scout rendezvous at Camp Genesee or a family gathering at Bergen Park.

After high school, I attended a small college on the Western Slope. It’s here that I became acquainted with the beauty of the Colorado Plateau… a grand sanctuary of spectacular canyons, chiseled horizons and uncompromising vistas!

I’ve since roamed throughout the backroads and scenic byways looking for unique perspectives amongst the quiet and isolated outposts of the wide open West.

My photographic career began in the late 70’s using a 35mm Canon AE-1. As the new millennium was ushered in, I switched to digital using a Canon 40D and 350D coupled with a 10-22mm and 100mm macro lenses. Photoshop CS6 and Lr5 (Mac) are used for post processing and images printed with a Canon 9000 Mark II and Pro-100 using Canon Pro-Platinum paper.

My philosophy for composing an image centers around capturing the intimacy of the natural world in the foreground and giving it a comfortable seat amidst its surroundings!

After thirty-five years of a humbling and rewarding career as a Radiation Therapist, the experiences treating the cancer patient have served as my compass and developed a perspective that’s nurtured a spirit of adventure, discovery and a sincere appreciation for all the trappings that life extends to us all…

~ Photography by James T. Alsop © 2017 All rights Reserved ~